Repair Form

If you are inquiring about having your watch repaired, please complete and print the form below, then return your watch with the completed form to Timex Group Canada Inc. (full address will be on the following page). Please note that the payment information will need to be filled out by hand after you print the document.

Each repair request, whether in-warranty or not, should include your payment or your credit card details once the form is completed and printed. This will avoid unnecessary delays in processing your repair request.

Please allow up to 2 to 4 weeks from the date we receive your package for your watch to be processed and returned.

This form is for Canadian residents only.

Watches of over $300.00 that require parts or service may incur higher charges. Please contact us for an estimate. Watches older than 5 years are not repairable due to unavailability of parts.

Shipping Information

First Name *
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In-warranty repairs

Please include receipt; if item was a gift, please provide approximate date. TIMEX Group Canada reserves the right to determine warranty status.

For customers who own a watch that is covered by a current warranty, please follow the instructions listed below. If your watch was received or purchased very recently, we suggest that you contact your retailer since they may be able to immediately resolve your product issue or provide a replacement.

Warranty periods

1 Year: TIMEX, Carriage
2 Years: Marc Ecko
5 Years: Acqua, Nautica

Purchase Date

Subject to terms of specific product warranty

Out-of-warranty repair fees

Acqua, Carriage, TIMEX (under $40.00 SRP*)
Acqua, Carriage, TIMEX ($40 - $70 SRP*)
TIMEX ($71 - $130 SRP*)
TIMEX ($131 - $175 SRP*)
Nautica, Marc Ecko (under $175)
TIMEX, Nautica, Marc Ecko, etc. ($175 - $250)
TIMEX, Nautica, Marc Ecko, etc. (over $250)

* Suggested retail price

Additional Options

Please replace:

Integrand band (for Acqua, Carriage, TIMEX)
Leather band (for Acqua, Carriage, TIMEX)
Leather band (for our other brands)
Metal band (for Acqua, Carriage, TIMEX)
Metal band (for our other brands)
Plastic, velcro band (for Acqua, Carriage, TIMEX)
Plastic, velcro band (for other brands)
Stem & Crown
Push button(s)
Case (for Nautica, Marc Ecko, etc.)
Case (for Acqua, carriage, TIMEX)
HRM Transmitter
GPS Sensor

Adjust the band (within 90 days of purchase).

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